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I’ve never really thought about trying CrossFit. I’m 32, married, have a 5 year old son, and a full-time job. I’m content and happy. If I’m not at work I’m off doing one thing or another with family and friends, being pulled this way and that. I never thought that I would have the time to commit to such a rigorous workout; on top of that I never thought that I was in shape enough to even start. To me CrossFit was for super athletes, people who were already incredibly fit, and had already developed awesome eating habits.

Looking back on it, it was just me making excuses for myself. It was me telling myself that I wasn’t good enough to even start this program. To be honest I let my illnesses hold me back, my anxiety and depression were “content” doing the minimum and receiving no results as long as what I was doing was routine, and nothing out of the normal was happening. Anxiety ridden me couldn’t deal with something new added to my plate; there would be NO ROOM for change, ever. My auto-immune disorder was literally kicking my ass daily, more often than not I couldn’t get out of my own way even if my anxiety let me. Tack on my sleep apnea and it is a pure miracle that I was able to walk around and not fall over. I was sleep deprived, sick, anxious and obscenely overweight. My internal body was screaming at me to get help, I needed to make some severe life changes. One morning I was perusing through Facebook when a friend of mine Kathy Koser posted a status about how her coach Eric was looking for a candidate to participate in a yearlong life challenge at his gym (box). I commented half-heartedly on the status, and then sent an email off to Eric explaining my situation, why I thought I could benefit from Crossfit, and hit send. I honestly thought nothing more of it until I received an email back asking me to go in for an interview. I was so pumped! I immediately told my husband and my mother, and started mentally preparing for this interview like it was my “dream job”. (In a way it was.) On the day of the interview I was SO NERVOUS. Upon walking into the box I was greeted by a co-worker and immediately felt at ease. She was welcoming, found Eric for me, and wished me luck. The interview was very relaxed; Eric and Sarah were incredibly easy to talk to. I didn’t feel like I was being judged or made fun of. I could tell that these two people had genuine concern for my well-being and overall health. I left the interview feeling great, a little nervous, but excited. A few days later I received an email asking me to go into the box for a nutrition consultation and a team workout with the other 4 candidates. I was over the moon excited. This could honestly be happening for me. I could really be a Crossfitter! Full of excitement, nervousness, and anxiety I walked into Crossfit Nashua on Sunday, October 18th and I met with 4 other individuals all new to the program, people who not known to me then, would be participating in this awesome journey with me. After 30 minutes of nutrition discussion we muscled through our first 12 minute AMRAP workout together. There was a lot of sweat, heavy breathing, and aches, but we all made it. The workout itself was hard. It wasn’t a “oh my god I want to run out of here and never come back” kind of hard. It was more of a “oh my god. I’m so out of shape and I’ve never done this type of workout before” kind of hard. When it was finished I was exhausted and exhilarated. I wanted MORE! I wanted to start the entire program that minute even though my body was screaming. I knew from that very first workout that this was it for me.

**Disclaimer; I’m an athlete, an out of shape athlete, but one none the less. I live for competition and a team mentality. This workout gave me both of these things. I know that the idea isn’t to compete with your teammates but in my head I was. I wanted to go harder, push myself to my limits, and inspire my team around me. I haven’t gotten so much satisfaction from a workout in years.***

After the workout we all said our good-byes, were thanked for coming, and sent home, upon our departure we were told that we would all get to have access to the box for a month for FREE even if we weren’t chosen. I was excited. I loved knowing that even if I wasn’t chosen that I would still have the opportunity to jump start my life again. This small step out of my comfort zone had already been life changing. Later that night I got an email from Eric stating that he couldn’t just pick one of us and that we had all been chosen. I couldn’t believe it. I’m confident that I read the email over 5 times before sending it to my husband who then had to reconfirm what I had read. I WAS GOING TO BE A CROSSFITTER!

I’m looking forward to this new adventure with Crossfit Nashua, making new friends, establishing new healthy habits, and getting out of my comfort zone. It’s time for me to do something that is going to improve my quality of life, and challenge my inner athlete throughout the process. I have no doubts that there will be slip ups along the way, tears cried, sore muscles, and the occasional “why the hell am I doing this” moment, but in the end I know I’m going be forever thankful for this opportunity.

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Dawn O'Brien

Dawn is a participant in CrossFit Nashua's 2015/2016 "Fit-For-Life" program. Participants track their progress in the CrossFit training program during the coming 1-year period and log their progress in this blog. Best of luck Dawn, in meeting your training goals!

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