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CAPTAIN'S LOG: Back on the wagon. Well it’s been about a month since my last blog and I feel like there is a lot that I need to recap. so lets start at the beginNing. First up, I experienced my very first competition! Whoo! In April I competed in the Rookie Rivalry at Crossfit Nashua. Thankfully this first comp took place at my home box so it was a bit easier, and less stressful for me than it was for those whom weren’t familiar with our group of people and area. It goes without saying though that even though this was a home comp it was still incredibly nerve wracking and exciting.

The only thing I can compare the feeling to is that “First Day of College” feeling. It was like walking into something completely unfamiliar yet familiar, and not knowing what to expect or how to react. I was like a lamb thrown into the lion’s den of fitness at the same time, and all I wanted was to just stay alive, and be still standing at the end. With that being said, the day started out really great, I was greeted with smiles and hugs from my box-mates, I had my pre-workout, a good breakfast, and I carb-loaded, and hydrated the night before. I thought that I was more than ready to go for the comp. I mean wasn’t necessarily wrong, but I think that I could have been more prepared in a few different areas but i did my best for my first time out (I’m clearly still working out the kinks.). The first WOD was great, although during warm-ups and trying to find my max rep I bruised my ribs without knowing, which caused a lingering pain all day. I had no idea that I even did this to myself though, I really just thought that I had just awkwardly slammed the bar into my chest and that was that. (Note to self: Bars cause damage. Check yourself out in the mirror next time.) So going forward with this nagging pain, high on adrenaline, and pre-workout, I powered through the WOD. Immediately after my first WOD my husband and son showed up. I was so excited. There is nothing more amazing in this world than to see your family supporting you in something that you truly care about. After about 15 minutes of talking, and explaining what was going on the rest of the day, my parents showed up! So with my family in tow I moved onto the floater WOD. My entire family was there, cheering me on. It was the best. Really. I felt like I was back in high school/college killing it on the field. After the floater I had to go into the next one which my parents were in attendance for as well. This WOD was tough after sled pulls, but I finished, and did my best. Before the final WOD I had a HUGE wait time. I think that I should have done more to stretch, and warm up before I went in for my last WOD, but then again this was my first comp and a learning experience. The last WOD was by far the hardest. It wasn’t only hard because it was long, but because my body was exhausted, I felt drained, tight, and already getting sore. I gave the WOD what I could, and finished. At the end of the comp I didn’t finish necessarily as high as I would have liked, but I finished. I was there, I did it and that’s what counts. Will I do another competition? Yes, most definitely but this time I will train a lot harder beforehand and take precautions when warming up. Here’s to the next competition, and a higher ranking on the score board. Here's to the next one!

Next, INJURIES! Oh my god. I know that injuries are naturally a part of any sport, however these injuries really bothered me for some reason. My first one was the one that I mentioned before; the bruised ribs. These were so obnoxious, and made it so hard to workout. I missed nearly a week, and felt so left out. I got wicked depressed about it and struggled to make it in. Finally I got in, I was back on track and then BAM! (Literally) my son accidentally shut my fingers in our garage door. This injury fractured the tips of my middle and ring finger on my right hand. Looking back on my bruised ribs problem that was a piece of cake compared to these. This injury is/was preventing me from lifting the way that I want to, working on my push-ups, and various other things. I have been going to class though. I have been going all week, and will continue to go every day except for Thursday. My fingers are getting better though, as I type this I am not in a brace, and it hurts less than yesterday. I know that this is only temporary, and I shouldn’t complain, I’m putting in the work despite the set-back, but it’s frustrating. Let’s hope for no more injuries in the immediate future.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a Crossfit journal. I needed something to log my workouts that was tangible. I need to see and write things in order for them to mean, and register for me. This journal has acutally proven to be just what I needed it to be. I have been logging my workouts, I’ve set goals, and have increased weight as necessary. This may seem like a silly thing to some but for me it’s keeping me on task, and focused.

Lastly, I can’t express enough the amount of gratitude that I have for my CFN community. Whether it’s help with my eating disorder, my mental health days, or just plain old sportsmanship comradery this gym has it all. The people here are unlike any group of people that I have ever encountered. I am honored to be part of something/somewhere that inspires me daily to be a better person, to push myself, and to always strive to help others. I love this gym so much and I can’t picture myself anywhere else. Thank you, everyone. You’re more than just my friends, you’re my family.

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Dawn O'Brien

Dawn is a participant in CrossFit Nashua's 2015/2016 "Fit-For-Life" program. Participants track their progress in the CrossFit training program during the coming 1-year period and log their progress in this blog. Best of luck Dawn, in meeting your training goals!

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