6 Tips To Get In Shape In 6 weeks!

6 Tips To Get In Shape In 6 weeks!

Summer is almost here, the sooner the better to start working towards a healthier you. Here are 6 tips to get you feeling confident in your skin, and confident in your physical abilities.

1) Be consistent - If you can make yourself get to the gym 4 times a week, no excuses, you will see huge transformations in only 6 weeks. There can't be weeks where you only go once or twice, you need to make a commitment to follow a schedule, and hold yourself accountable to it. 6 weeks will fly by, and great habits can be formed within those 6 weeks. 

2) Nutrition - You can't out train an unhealthy diet. Whether you want to loose weight, gain weight, or change your body composition, nutrition is the key to your success. Stick to meat, vegetables, seeds and nuts, some fruit, little starch, and NO SUGAR. Try to stick to whole foods that don't have ingredients, and you will be amazed at your progress.

3) Sleep - Sleep 7 hours a night minimum. Get to bed early, so you can get a full nights sleep. 8 hours is ideal, but anywhere between 7 and 9 will do. Quality sleep helps regulate hormones, metabolism, and aid in recovery from your workouts. 

4) Tell people - Let as many people as possible know you are going to make this change. the more people know, the more committed you will feel, and the more help you will get from your friends and family. 

5) Mix it up - Change up your workouts. Don't just go running, or cycling, or weightlifting. A balanced and constantly varied workout will hit different aspects of fitness, to keep you well rounded, and healthy. Your body will adapt to whatever you tell it to, but it will also get used to the same thing over and over and you will eventually plateau.

6) Stay positive - Believe in yourself, be happy with where you are, and don't stress about your progress. Results will come if you stay on target, and are consistent. It's easy to let the negative self talk creep into your head, but it will only get you on a path towards failure, so don't let it! Be proud of every little inch of progress you make. 

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Eric Fasciani

Eric Fasciani started his fitness career as a personal trainer in 2006. He quickly found a passion for fitness that was focused on building healthier, more capable bodies. This clashed with the body building/physique focused approach that was prevalent at the gyms he worked out of. When he attended the CrossFit® Level 1 Certification, he realized he had come across something special and instantly knew he wanted to open a CrossFit location. CrossFit has been the biggest influence on Eric and his approach to fitness. “I love that the focus is on health, wellness, and performance, rather then looks. You can have someone that looks ripped with abs and biceps but aren’t fit or healthy. But when you train CrossFit, you get people who are healthy, and capable of amazing things, and the side effects are that you look great.”

After 5 years of running CrossFit gyms, Eric wanted to add more functionality/application to fitness training, and began to explore MovNat (an outdoor highly functional parkour type of training). He got certified in Level 1 and 2 MovNat, and has used knowledge gained from them to create “Primal Fitness” – A group fitness class that focuses on moving your body to it’s maximum capability, followed by high intensity metabolic conditioning.

What has motivated Eric more than anything else in his career is the belief that fitness carries over to all aspects of life. Perseverance, integrity, dedications, sacrifice, self-control, honesty, and commitment are all best and easiest learned through fitness.

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