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When we opened the doors to our first location in 2010, our mission was to improve people’s health and quality of life through fitness. We have always kept that in the forefront of everything we do as a business, but nothing showcases that more than the “Fit For Life Project”.

We originally set out to find an individual that was extremely overweight and out of shape, prescribe our nutrition and fitness program, and then track the results over the course of one year. After interviewing multiple candidates, we were so impressed with these five individuals that we couldn’t pick just one. The Fit For Life project then turned into five people's journeys towards fitness.

Our goal is to give these individuals the opportunity to be fit for life as in being able to do everyday activities with friends and family, and not be held back by their weight and fitness level. We also want to set them up to be fit for the REST of their life, not just get them quick results followed by a relapse back to old habits.

Over the next year we will watch them transform into healthy athletes and watch them inspire others in similar situations. Below are links to their blogs where you can follow their individual stories, read about their struggles, triumphs, and progress both inside and outside of the gym.

 Amy - Fit For Life Challenge


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 Christine - Fit For Life Challenge


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 Dawn - Fit For Life Challenge


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 Mike - Fit For Life Challenge


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Eric Fasciani

Eric Fasciani started his fitness career as a personal trainer in 2006. He quickly found a passion for fitness that was focused on building healthier, more capable bodies. This clashed with the body building/physique focused approach that was prevalent at the gyms he worked out of. When he attended the CrossFit® Level 1 Certification, he realized he had come across something special and instantly knew he wanted to open a CrossFit location. CrossFit has been the biggest influence on Eric and his approach to fitness. “I love that the focus is on health, wellness, and performance, rather then looks. You can have someone that looks ripped with abs and biceps but aren’t fit or healthy. But when you train CrossFit, you get people who are healthy, and capable of amazing things, and the side effects are that you look great.”

After 5 years of running CrossFit gyms, Eric wanted to add more functionality/application to fitness training, and began to explore MovNat (an outdoor highly functional parkour type of training). He got certified in Level 1 and 2 MovNat, and has used knowledge gained from them to create “Primal Fitness” – A group fitness class that focuses on moving your body to it’s maximum capability, followed by high intensity metabolic conditioning.

What has motivated Eric more than anything else in his career is the belief that fitness carries over to all aspects of life. Perseverance, integrity, dedications, sacrifice, self-control, honesty, and commitment are all best and easiest learned through fitness.

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