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One Year! It's My Anniversary!

It’s my ONE YEAR Crossfit’iversary!

One year ago today, I walked into Crossfit Nashua; exhausted, a bit hung-over (wedding the night before), and completely unprepared for what was about to happen. When I first walked into the box I was greeted with smiles, and warmth; these people radiated genuine kindness, and sincerity. As I sat down for small presentation by one of the owners Eric my stomach was doing flip-flops, and my mind was filling with doubt. “What did I sign up for?

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Just Keep Swimming.

HEYYYYY FRIENDS! — So I haven’t blogged in a bit and I do apologize. Life has gotten crazy; I’ve suffered some substantial injuries, and I could go on and on with excused but I won’t. I want to get right to the nitty-griity, I want to get into how I’ve felt, how I’ve pushed through, and who has been there to help me.

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The Darkside.

For the last couple of weeks my head has been in a really dark place. I have been in a funk, a haze; an overall incredibly un-Dawnlike mood. Since starting Crossfit I haven’t found many days that I feel like this, my medications have been balanced out by the exercise, and my moods stabilized quite a bit. Crossfit has been a “wonder drug” in many ways but sometimes we have to talk about what happens when your “medication” fails.

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Just Some Tuesday Gains!

GAINS! — So in the past 8 months of CrossFit I’ve had my ups and downs, gains and losses but yesterday during CrossFit Total I noticed a significant amount of progress aka GAINS! When I saw this WOD posted the night before (as I actively creep the WODs the night before regularly) I was pumped. This was a PR WOD, and I was more than determined to hit new PR’s on everything. I walked into the box last night with confidence; these PR’s will be CRUSHED.

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OBSTACLES: Well I’ve decided that it’s only an obstacle if you let it get in the way…… So with that being said I decided it was time to take a closer look at what some of my true obstacles have been both within the time frame of my Cross-Fit journey and beyond. In searching all the obstacles I came to realize it’s ME and only ME. I need to get out of my own way !!

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Some struggles are for life.

Happy June, CrossFit Family! We are officially into the summer months and it’s time to SWEAT! Who’s excited? Raise your shakers up if you are! So over the weekend I was in a very uncomfortable situation. While outside cleaning out my CrossFit bag (it STANK!) I was approached by neighbors (whom I know and have hung out with), they told me that I looked great, and that they loved keeping up with my journey and blog. I was obviously really happy about this (as I wasn’t even sure that people read these) and said my thanks and when about my way cleaning.

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Miss me?

CAPTAIN'S LOG: Back on the wagon. Well it’s been about a month since my last blog and I feel like there is a lot that I need to recap. so lets start at the beginNing. First up, I experienced my very first competition! Whoo! In April I competed in the Rookie Rivalry at Crossfit Nashua. Thankfully this first comp took place at my home box so it was a bit easier, and less stressful for me than it was for those whom weren’t familiar with our group of people and area. It goes without saying though that even though this was a home comp it was still incredibly nerve wracking and exciting.

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