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Christmas!!!! I love Christmas, I always have, but this year I loved Christmas even more! This year for Christmas Santa brought me Crossfit sneakers and lifters. Yes, kind of geeky, and perhaps it’s a little presumptive that I will ever even “need” the lifters but I’m excited to have them regardless. I’m excited at the idea of crushing my PR for my deadlift. I’m excited at lifting more during my push press. Heck, I’m INCREDIBLY excited to see how much I can back squat. You see if there is anything that I have learned during these past few months of Crossfit it’s that you can only get better; you can only get stronger. These shoes as silly as it may sound are a small reward to me. These shoes represent the fact that I have stuck with this program, and that I want to continue to stick with it until I’m physically incapable of doing so. (Pray that never happens.) It’s been an incredibly long time since something like this has fueled me, (Just ask my husband who spent $70.00 on skates for me to only use them for 15 minutes. I SWEAR I’LL USE THEM AGAIN.) and I couldn’t be more excited about where the drive will take me. This journey is just starting to get interesting. I’m starting to see my gains, (small but gains none the less) I’m starting to see my stamina increase, my body aches and creaks less, I’m also seeing my cravings change and decrease. This program and lifestyle may not be the best for everyone, but it is certainly something that is working for me, and something that I plan on sticking with for the foreseeable future.

PS. Santa also brought me some pretty sweet workout capris, sports bras, and t-shirts too which can only lead me to believe that Santa wants to see MASSIVSE GAINS for Christmas next year. Challenge accepted Santa, challenge accepted.
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My First PR!

Last Friday, 12/11/15, I experienced my first ever PR (Personal Record)! I deadlifted 225 lbs., and by doing so I got to ring the PR bell, and write my name on the whiteboard. Now all of this may seem trivial and silly to some of you, but for me; for my inner athlete it was the equivalent of winning a match or placing in a tournament. It’s been quite some time since I have done any of the listed above so to achieve that level of excitement and self-satisfaction was amazing.

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We All Have Demons.

I was once a high performing athlete. I was once able to make it through a 90 minute soccer match without a substitute. I used to practice 5 days a week for 2 hours a day and then workout on my own during the weekends. I was even once capable of going from one practice for one sport, into a game for a completely different one within the same day. That is not the case anymore.

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Job 1 - My Journey, My Goals

When I started this process of getting my life back I had one goal in mind and that was to get healthy. I didn’t care about the weight, my looks or anything else like that. I just wanted to be healthier and whatever that looked like really didn’t matter to me. Feeling better, moving better and being better was it, job 1.

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Watch Me!

It’s been a month of CrossFit workouts and I’m confident that my body is falling apart. No, seriously. I’m pretty sure that there are body parts on me that are hurting that I never even knew could hurt or emanate pain.

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The Changes, the gains.. and did I mention Support?

When did this happen? When did my definition of feeling good change to mean sweaty, sore, and tired? Well I can honestly say that it was the day I started working out at CFN. Walking into the gym the first, second, and even third time was very intimidating to say the least. Here I am, 45 years old, out of shape in the worst way and I am walking into a place that has people throwing heavy weights around like they weight absolutely nothing.

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