Training Services


With Stroller fit you get the best of all training modalities Primal Athletics has to offer in one class AND you don't need child care! Bring your child (or children) with you and workout with them! 

Classes are in a group fitness setting with other moms and dads making it fun and a great way to meet other new parents. Personal attention is always given by our fitness instructors to assure you are moving safely and getting the most out of your workout.

Classes are every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30am and last an hour from start to finish. The fitness instructors will lead you through a warm up, explain and practice the movements, then begin a heart pumping, fat burning workout. Classes finish up with some core work and stretching/mobility to prevent injury and soreness.

What are you waiting for? First class is always free, and there is no better time to start then now! Come check out Nashua New Hampshires premier gym for new Moms and Dads to get in shape!

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit® is "Constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement." There are a lot of misconceptions out there as to what CrossFit is, this article is an attempt to give you a better understanding of what CrossFit truly is. In a nutshell, CrossFit is the most effective way to create the healthiest, fittest person possible, across all aspects of fitness.

Team Training


Our Sport Specific training is the ultimate strength and conditioning tool for getting ahead of your competition.

About Primal Athletics of New Hampshire

Founded in 2015 by fitness coach Eric Fasciani, Primal Athletics of New Hampshire provides personalized CrossFit® training services for athletes seeking to maximize their fitness through guided training. Our professionally trained and certified coaches are ready to help you get started on a safe and effective program to maximize your fitness level in a multitude of ways.

We offer personal training for every level of athlete, from high school teams and college athletes, fitness enthusiasts, mom's and dad's, to competitive athletes looking to move to the next level in whatever their athletic discipline is.

Primal Athletics services include training in the following:

  • Personal Training —Personalized fitness programs for athletes of all ages. Learn more >>
  • Primal Fitness Classes — Our fitness program designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals over a 1 hour period. Learn more >>
  • Nutrition Counseling — Support your personalized fitness program with proper diet and nutrition for your body type. Learn more >>
  • Team Training — Specialized, sports-specific programs for sports team members. Learn more >>
  • Olympic Weightlifting — For competitors and enthusiasts alike, looking to build strength and improve form through dynamic and explosive unaided lifting techniques. Learn more >>
  • Powerlifting — Advanced training in both equipped and "RAW" format lifting. Learn more >>

No one disputes the benefits that hard work and commitment can bring. We make that hard work as much fun as possible through good coaching and our CrossFit community vibe.

Find out more about our certified trainers by reading their biographies and certifications.

When you're ready to get started or if you have questions, drop us a note via our contact form, or call Eric Fasciani directly at (603) 595-6400.


About Eric Fasciani

Eric Fasciani is the owner and founder of local southern New Hampshire CrossFit gyms, CrossFit® Nashua (Nashua, NH) and CrossFit® Souhegan (Milford, NH). Mr. Fasciani has been a professional personal fitness trainer since 2009. CrossFit Nashua is one of the earliest established CrossFit boxes in southern New Hampshire founded in 2011. Mr. Fasciani is well known in the area for organizing and sponsoring local fitness competitions for CrossFit athletes from boxes in the New Hampshire and Massachusetts area, and beyond.

Read Eric's brief bio and learn about his certifications >>



In the sport of powerlifting, it is vital that you have a solid foundation mentally and physically to build on. We have gotten people stronger then they could have ever imagined by building solid programs that focus on form and technique, and longevity in the sport.


Olympic Weightlifting


Primal Athletics Weightlifting is an official USAW club. Our coaches are USAW certified, and compete in the sport of weightlifting. If you are interested in strengthening your weightlifting, we offer custom programming, as well as technical training to get you stronger and more efficient in your lifts.

Nutrition Counseling


Nutrition should be the foundation of all your health and wellness goals. Without a solid nutrition plan, you aren’t reaching your potential.  We will not only put together a nutritional plan, but educate you during the process so that you can make better, more informed choices for the rest of your life.

Primal Fitness Classes


Our Primal Fitness Classes are all about restoring humans to their maximum potential. We combine all areas of fitness and functional movement to create workouts like you have never seen before.